Difficulties in our sexual and intimate lives and relationships are much more common than we think, and this is simply because we don’t know how to talk about them when they happen. As a society we don’t know how, or learn how to talk openly about sex, which makes Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy a unique and confidential space to have those conversations.

Many people will come up against challenges in their sex lives and relationships within their lifetime. The problems may be short or long term, when someone is single or in a relationship, be physical or psychological, it may be acquired after a period of normal sexual functioning or may be something that has always been there. But unlike the rest of our lives and our health where we accept ups and downs, when it comes to sex we find these variations more difficult to deal with, and many people report not knowing where or how to access help which can make what they are experiencing feel much worse. This, aside from interrupting sexual functioning can impact self esteem, confidence, relationships and an individual’s general sense of wellbeing.

As a Psychosexual Therapist I offer those I work with an empathetic, safe, and professional environment within which we can work together to facilitate the potential for change, and work towards sexual health, happiness and wellbeing.