Sessions last fifty minutes and my goal as the therapist is to help clients come to an understanding of what is going on and how to facilitate change. 

Initially we will discuss the client's personal understanding of the problem, and during this assessment we will determine whether there is a potential need for further investigation from a GP, Sexual Health Screening, Urologist or Gynaecologist.

We will take a personal history and create a treatment plan for going forward with regular review sessions to determine how the work is going. The sessions involve the security of the therapeutic relationship supporting the work using self-help tools, practical exercises to be done at home, sexual education, and increasing sexual self-confidence and comfort in sexuality or sexual relationships.

As I work integratively we will be looking to understand the problem in the context of the individual. This includes talking about social, cultural and family beliefs as all of these will have impact on how one knows and understands their sexuality. 

I work with individuals and couples of all sexual orientations, gender identities and sexualities.